IPD rear sway bar

About a year ago I replaced the stock front sway bar with one from IPD. I actually bought the whole kit (25 mm front & 22 mm rear) second hand. The kit was nearly complete, but the blue IPD paint was partly peeled off, so I decided to paint both sway bars with a silver 2 part industrial polyurethane paint called Temadur 20. It’s available factory mixed in silver and is very tough.

Today I was about to mount the rear sway bar, but unfortunately the nut and square neck screw that holds the sway bar were severely rusted. And with the rear axle on jack stands, I couldn’t use the impact wrench. So my suggestion is to follow the IPD install guide, but I’d add a “step 0″:
Loose the rear nuts just a bit to make sure they aren’t too rusted to the square neck screw

In fact it got even worse when the right side nut just rotated with the screw. I had to untight the bracket to be able to pull down the old sway bar. The square neck screw was no longer square at the top, so I sourced new ones with nuts at a local hardware store, since this screw is discontinued (Volvo part number is/was 947292). I had to grind down the top so that the height was approximately the same as the original one. It’s also worth noticing that the screw I bought was about 10 mm longer than the original ones, which was good, since the IPD sway bar is much thicker.

Happily reassembling the damper bolts, I noticed they were too short because of the sway bar thickness! The original bolts from Volvo were  M12x130 mm. Apparently, IPD includes M12x140 mm bolts in the kit, but they didn’t come with my second hand kit. An M12x140 mm wasn’t the easiest bolt to find locally, but I finally found it at Tools for about $5. I also bought new nuts there.

So – lesson learnt again. A supposedly easy task isn’t always that easy. This took three sessions and a lot of time browsing different hardware stores because of the missing bolts and screws!


Under våren har följande delar i karossen svetsats:

  • Golv höger fram har bytts till ekonomiplåt
  • Vänster tröskel har bytts till ekonomiplåt
  • Vänster yttre och inre skärmkant har bytts till ekonomiplåt
  • Ett hål i vänster golv bak har svetsats igen
  • Bakersta hörnet för avrinning av vatten från bagageluckan har svetsats

Alla delar har målats med epoxiprimer följt av Temadur 20 RAL 9005 innan svetsning, därefter har skarvarna tätats med Hagmans gråa karosserikitt och målats enligt samma procedur. All interiör (förutom höger golv bak som ska bytas i framtiden) har målats svart med Biltemas svarta 2k polyuretan båtfärg som dessvärre inte finns att köpa längre. Hålrum har sprutats med Carosol TO3.

Anmärkningsvärt är att Biltemas karosseritätning inte kan övermålas med deras 2k epoxiprimer för båtar. Resultatet blir att karosseritätningen reser sig. Hagmans karosserikitt klarar sig däremot bra.